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Saucha during pregnancy

Saucha (often referred to as cleanliness or purity) is a way of taking the necessary steps to live with a clear body, mind, and spirit. Being mindful of Saucha during pregnancy is a way of encouraging optimal health for both the expectant mom and the unborn baby. 

Niyama is the second of Patanjali’s 8 limbs of yoga, and Saucha is the first Niyama. Practicing Saucha means eating well, avoiding harmful chemicals, spending time in meditation, and maintaining a tidy household. And really, what better way to take care of ourselves during pregnancy than by implementing all of this? 

In this post, we will discuss what it means to practice Saucha during pregnancy, as well as a few of the easiest ways to do it. 

Understanding Saucha 

To best understand Saucha, we have to look at its connection to a physical yoga practice. Saucha – often referred to as ‘purity’ – may differ from what we have learned and understand about purity from society and our upbringing. 

As well as encompassing everything that comes to mind when we think of purity – avoiding alcohol, abstinence, etc – Saucha also refers to some of the most basic concepts of cleanliness. This includes the cleanliness of the home, the body, and the mind. 

When we step onto our mats in a state of impurity, whether due to stress, an untidy practice area, or having eaten a particularly unhealthy meal, our practice suffers. After all, how can we expect to progress in our practice when we bring our bad habits onto the mat? 

During pregnancy, our impurities affect not only us and our yoga practice but our babies too. This is why it’s even more crucial to live by the concept of Saucha at this time. 

How to practice Saucha during pregnancy? 

The good news is that, during pregnancy, we are probably practicing Saucha without even realizing it. We start to eat healthier meals, we begin to prepare our homes for the impending arrival, and we love our bodies for everything it’s doing in creating new life. 

pregnant woman sitting on a gymnastic ball

Here are some of the easiest ways to practice Saucha during pregnancy. 

  • Declutter – keeping the home clean and decluttering in preparation for a baby is a quick way to relieve the mind of stress and clutter. 
  • Healthy eating – by eating organic, natural, and whole foods our bodies don’t have to rid themselves of toxins and bad chemicals – making it easier to absorb the good and stay healthy during pregnancy. 
  • Pranayama – controlled breathing helps us to cleanse ourselves from within, alongside a healthy diet. 
  • Meditation – sitting in meditation allows us to clear the mind and gives us the opportunity to send positive thoughts to our babies and love to our bodies. 
  • Bathing – showering or bathing regularly is one of the simplest ways to stay, literally, clean. It’s also a great time to connect with your baby! 
  • Cosmetics – consider what you’re putting on your skin as this can be absorbed and make its way directly to your baby. 
  • Eliminate stress – we all feel a little more emotional during pregnancy. Try to stay in a positive mindset by avoiding things that make you feel upset. 

Saucha is all about feeling great in our minds and bodies through healthy practices. By practicing Saucha during pregnancy, we are more likely to feel radiant in our bodies and grow healthy babies. 



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